About Us

A Simple Premise

The word is “terroir.” It is well known to wine lovers, Europeans who love to eat, and even a few Okies are beginning to get it.  It has to do with the way everything in the environment impacts the flavor of food. The health of the soil. The way the livestock is treated and what they eat. The weather. The natural flora and fauna. All of it makes a difference. Terroir is the essence of local flavor. It is the reason people value local sourcing. It is the heart of the farm-to-table movement, or as we prefer to say, “ranch-to-table.”

The Territorial Foods Philosophy

We believe Oklahoma’s unique terroir is under-appreciated. So we decided to do something about it. In particular, Oklahoma has a long history of beef and pork production on small ranches that have always done things the natural way, raising happy animals that are well-cared for that reward us with extraordinarily flavorful meats.

That is the tradition we are seeking to restore and those are the ranchers we are looking to represent, starting with Pecan Valley Ranch, located just west of Henryetta. Two and a half years ago, they took over some pretty exhausted acreage on the Okmulgee/Okfuskee county line and began a serious soil regeneration project. Shortly thereafter they began experimenting with hogs and cattle to figure out what breeds work best on Oklahoma land. They live by the principles of cage-free, pasture and forest raised, non-gmo, grass fed, and no antibiotics ever.  Right now, they have Berkshire pork that is second to none in the territory and they are rapidly closing in on beef that can make the same claim. Territorial Foods is proud to be the exclusive representative for Pecan Valley Ranch meat products.

Next Steps…

So what does this mean to you? If you are restaurant, we want to provide you with splendid meat products that live up to the ideals of the local food movement. In fact, we look forward to working with chefs who would like to customize their meat products to the local cuisine.

If you are a retailer—in many cases, even a non-food retailer—we have an idea about how you can provide your customers with quality locally-sourced meats with a minimum of fuss. We believe you can increase traffic and sales per square foot by providing your customers with these high-demand, quality meat products.

And if you are a producer who raises your livestock according to those ideals, let us know. Yes, we are a young company, but we have seen a need and we believe we can fill it.